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Institute Of Orthopedics & Joint Replacement

The super skilled and experienced doctors of North City Hospital are here to cater a wide range of Orthopedics procedure and joint replacement surgeries in Kolkata. Highly modern equipments and instruments are the specialty of North City as the best part to assist all surgeons in doing thousands of cases every year. A multidisciplinary support doctors are always available – Neuro Surgeon, Plastic Surgeon, Vascular Surgeon, and Intensive Care Specialist.

We offer both, the medical and surgical care, for bones and joints problems resulting from injuries, infections, nutritional or metabolic disorders. The department is line-up by the state-of-the-art multidisciplinary services like – X-Ray, Imaging (CT , MRI), Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation services to restore the mental and functional stability of the patient.

Services Offered By North City -

  • Management of all kinds of Arthritis
  • Treatment of Osteomyelitis
  • Management of juvenile Arthritis and Metabolic bone disorders
  • All kinds of Trauma and Fracture management
  • All kinds of Arthroscopic Surgeries
    1. Arthroscopy of shoulder
    2. Arthroscopy of knee
    3. Arthroscopy of ankle
    4. Arthroscopy of elbow
  • All kinds of ligament injuries and reconstruction procedures
  • Specialized joint replacement surgeries
    1. Total Knee Replacement (TKR)
    2. Total Hip Replacement (THR)
  • All kinds of sports injury management
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